Fruit trees, Plants, Pots & Soil 

We have a great variety of plants and trees for sale. Find a place for the fruit of your youth in your yard! Also at your fingertips is a variety of pots and soil. Simply contact us and we can talk about finding the right greenery for your scenery.


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Pest Control 

We can spray your plants for a variety of pests. Get rid of whitefly, wasps and fungi with us. Call us to get rid of your pests before its too late! 


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If you notice that you're in need of lawn maintenance, pruning or re-potting, let our landscape specialists help you!

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Free estimates

Call us to arrange your free estimate today!


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Exotic Tropical Plants

and Supplies

About Exotic Tropical Plants and Supplies

We are an online service. Simply call, message or email us. We deliver anywhere. 

At Exotic Tropical Plants, we take great pride in growing the best quality plants, and helping you maintain them. We want to spread the love for our native plants and even bring in some new players. Growing, protecting, and harvesting our plants requires advanced knowledge of agricultural elements. With hands-on training, we implement advanced methods to produce the most successful and beautiful plants that we can for you.


Exotic Tropical Plants has an unparalleled inventory because we find what you want and nurture it just for you. With our services, one of our staff can visit you to get a better understanding of your area's soil and any special conditions. From there we'll determine how to provide you with your own personal Garden of Eden.